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Debt Collection Services in Smithtown, New York

Debt Collection - Debt Collection Services in Smithtown, NY
At Mullen and Iannarone PC, we pursue collections for individual or business-related obligations against the individual, business, or guarantors responsible. Located in Smithtown, New York, we offer professional debt collection services through various legal means.

Our staff is trained and familiar with all laws governing collection of debt. We also provide legal services to banks and creditors in need of assistance with mortgage foreclosures.

Debt Collections

Since our inception in 1972, we have entered close to 60,000 judgments and pursued the judgments of consumer or commercial debts to collection and finalization. Our firm acts on tried-and-true processes for collections.

The sooner the debtor is contacted, the more information we can obtain about the debtor and his or her financial ability to pay. Our firm works to coordinate voluntary payment arrangements. If this is not possible, we will file suit and try to obtain a judgment as soon as possible.

Bankruptcy practice is routinely handled while enforcing claims on behalf of our clients, including filing claims, filing objections, and making motions to relive secured creditors of the automatic stay order. From bringing an action to issuing enforcement proceedings, our firm does it all, including:
  • Investigation for Discovery of Assets
  • Obtaining Wage Garnishees
  • Docketing Liens Against Real Property
    or Enforcement Proceedings
  • Having a Sheriff or Marshal Levy a Bank Account
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Mortgage Foreclosures

At Mullen and Iannarone PC, we have worked with banks and other creditors for more than 35 years on mortgage foreclosures. Our firm handles all facets of mortgage foreclosure, including:
  • Initial Letter Accelerating the Balance Due
  • Attempts to Reinstate the Mortgage.
  • Publication of Notices
  • Summons and Complaint Preparation and Filing
  • Appointing of a Master or Referee to Sell the Premises at Auction
Going over contract - Mortgage Foreclosure help in Smithtown, NY
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